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On Boat Coaching and Teamtraining
in The Mediterranean (France South).

Our team building events and activities are held throughout the year during Spring, Summer and also in Autumn, especially because the Mediterranean Climate offers good conditions for spring, summer and autumn trainings.
Regardless of the time of year teams will be faced with challenging and stretching objectives. Corporate team building activities on the water are unique and enable teams to harmonise and bond quickly in an exciting and relaxed environment.

Teams are challenged in an unfamiliar complex environment and need to adapt quickly to understand the situation, define their tasks, agree and implement appropriate actions and review their results.
Our team building activities are challenging and enjoyable and the teams and each individual will leave with a clearer understanding of their potential and a greater appreciation of their strengths and weaknesses.

Coaches are
Ekkehart Padberg ( Bonn, DE)
Marco Cops ( Amsterdam, NL)